Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forgiveness. May 23, 2010.

“We pray for our enemies who oppose us and seek to do us harm because it is our duty to do so...Since prayer is a means for disarming hostility, it must include a spirit of forgiveness from a sincere heart and clear conscience.” - Matthew the Poor

* * *
Many of us have been wronged terribly in our lives. We may be survivors of childhood abuse. We may have been raped or trusted someone only to be betrayed. We may be full of anger - justifiable anger. But that may be feeding our depression and anxiety.

Some people in our lives might not "deserve" to be forgiven. But forgiveness is not just for the forgiven, but the forgiver. When we forgive someone who has wronged us, even though the person might not know, we feel a lead weight lift off our shoulders, and the toxic poison of hatred leaves our bodies.

Who can you forgive today?

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