Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spreading enlightenment. May 30, 2010.

“May I attain Enlightenment in order to benefit all living beings." – Tibetan prayer

We have Tibetan prayer flags hanging in our back yard. According to Wiki: “Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to 'gods,' a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.”

I think that’s a nice thing to imagine – that our own good will will spread beyond ourselves to others. After all, what’s good for others is good for us as well. It’s really no different from “Do unto others as you would have done to you.” Imagine, just for a moment, if we all lived with that as our guiding principle – how different our world would be.

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