Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Isolation. May 15, 2010.

“Isolation is a dream killer.” – Barbara Sher

* * *
I think one thing that is probably true of all suicides and attempts is that they happen in isolation. Mine was in a motel room. Others might be in a bedroom or bathroom when no one else is around. Even someone who jumps off a building in a busy city is alone on the rooftop.

When we are deeply depressed, we tend to seek isolation. We don't want to be around people. But that is the very time when we should try to be around others as much as we can (as long as those people are supportive and not toxic). Being around people can keep us safe from harming ourselves.

Sometimes we feel too exhausted to be around others, but if we are feeling vulnerable to self-harm, we need to seek out company. The world is full of potential friends.


  1. But have you ever noticed that when you finally reach out everone seems to be busy?

  2. i relate totally to the previous post. no one has time for me and my problems. but they never hesitate to come to me when needing help.